2020 IAU 24H 亞洲暨大洋洲錦標賽[印度] – 取消公告

2020-07-11 13:22

2020 IAU 24 Hour Asia and Oceania Championships(Bengaluru, India) – Cancelled

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隨著冠狀病毒(Covid-19)疫情在印度的發展情勢,很遺憾,IAU與LOC不得不發布公告,經IAU、印度田協和LOC相互協議後,今年4月已經通知延期的2020 IAU 24H亞錦賽最終決議「取消」。

※ 2020  24H美州錦標賽:2020/5/5 公告取消
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※2020  24H美州錦標賽:2020/5/5 公告取消
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※2020 100K世界錦標賽:2020/4/4 公告取消
Following the development of the coronavirus situation in India, it is with regret that we have to inform you that the 2020 IAU 24H Asia and Oceania Championships that was already postponed in May this year, finally is cancelled by mutual agreement between the IAU, Indian Athletic Federation and NEB Sports (the LOC).
The current global situation is slowly improving, but it is still very uncertain especially in India. It is hard to predict what it will be like and most important does not allow proper preparation of the race and travelling for Athletes, Team Management. Moreover at the moment most athletes are unable to train with full capacity and compete. It remains uncertain when those facilities will restart fully.
The IAU and LOC are in discussions for organizing the 24 Hour Asia and Oceania Championships in 2022 at the same venue. The IAU will work with the LOC and keep you all posted when we are ready to make an announcement.
First and foremost we had to consider the health and well-being of our athletes, officials and spectators in making this decision and we hope that everybody will remain safe and well.

IAU Executive Council and NEB Sports (Local Organisation Committee)
July 11th, 2020

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