2020 IAU 24H 亞洲暨大洋洲錦標賽[印度] – 延期公告(未定時間)

2020-04-12 11:52

2020 IAU 24H Asia and Oceania Championships(Bengaluru, India) – Postponed

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由於印度(鎖國)與全球當前的冠狀病毒(Covid-19)疫情,IAU目前已與LOC做出決定,將2020 IAU 24H亞錦賽延期。確切舉辦日期LOC正在討論中,將在今年晚些時候提出。請理解IAU與LOC非常重視運動員、大會與各會員國組織的健康與疫情,IAU做的所有決定都以此為依據。IAU仍希望並祈求全球所有超馬朋友們的安全和健康。
Due to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation in the India (lock down) and globally, we have taken the decision with the LOC at this time to postpone the 2020 IAU 24 Hours Asia and Oceania Championships to a later date. We are working with the LOC to come up with an appropriate date later this year. Please be ensured that we take the health of our athletes, organizers and federations very seriously and all decisions we take will be based keeping this thought in mind. We continue to wish safety and good health to all our ultrarunning friends around the globe.
We are keeping ourselves full informed about the situation through the information from the World Health Organisation and the travel advice for each country.  Health and safety for our athletes and teams are paramount and we shouldn’t risk the possibility that our championships might result in the risk of additional infection.  This is why we are looking for more suitable date for the event.
IAU Executive Council and NEB Sports (Local Organisation Committee)
April 12th, 2020 
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