History & Mission

The Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners, CTAU was established by Ministry of the Interior on July, 2011.

    Our main vision is “Connecting Taiwan’s Ultra Running to the Global Society”. We are a part of the International Association of Ultra runners, IAU, adhering to the latest standards and rules of the IAU when holding races, and also act as intermediate between Taiwan and the international ultra running society. Above all, the association is responsible for the Ultra -Marathon related information events in Taiwan.


" Connecting Taiwan's Ultrarunning to the Global Society "


~promoting ultrarunning in Taiwan~

~ encouraging our children to run ~

~exercising for our community through charitites and donations~

~keeping our events eco-friendly~




    Purple represents the long history of the ultra marathons. The very first ultra marathon was held in 490 B.C., and continues thriving now, after 2500 years.

    Green stands for nature. Ultra running is a part of our environment. Not only do we aim to unite with our environment, but also so help it.

    White symbolizes the purity of ultra running. The purpose of ultra running is neither winning nor gaining advantages, but to aim for simply finding ourselves.


    Our logo symbolizes a runner throwing his/her hands up with accomplishment while crossing the finishing line. We value and respect our runners, and are here to serve them. The members of our association are made up of fellow runners who work hard to bring a safe and utmost life challenging experience for all runners to enjoy. We hope every runner will be able to run to their triumph.