Yilan Dongshan River Ultra-Marathon


Yilan Dongshan River Ultra-Marathon, became Taiwan’s first game which uses mile as unit

when added 100 miles division in 2015.

Mild wind and beautiful scenery along the riverside is the best feature of the race.

(Dongshan Riverside Park)

Special Feature

The easy-going time limit makes it the first choice for freshmen of ultra-marathon. The smooth course helped break the national female 100K and 100 mile record.



Yilan Dongshan Riverside Park. Mild wind, fresh air, wide horizon and beautiful scenery alongside the river are one of the selling points of the game.



The competition is a shuttle run race. The 10K course makes it easy to encounter other participants, which avoids loneliness during the game. The organizer also had the route estimated by the international course measurer.



Besides the category of ultra-marathon: 100 miles, 100K and 50K; also has short distance such as marathon, half marathon and 10K group.

Distance 100 miles 100K 50K
Registrantion Fee Early Bird Discount: 2,800 NTD

Normal Price: 3,200 NTD
Early Bird Discount: 1,800 NTD

Normal Price: 2,200 NTD
Early Bird Discount: 900 NTD

Normal Price: 1,300 NTD
Time Limit 22H 21H (midnight race) / 14H (daytime race) 10H

Done 100K

Done 50K

Done 42K

*For latest information, please refer to the website of Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners


In order to put the environmentally-friendly idea into practice, the organizer provides medals made from recycled computer monitors and other plastic part. To care about our Mother Earth while exercising and having fun.



The organizer provides shuttle bus from Loudong train station to the venue.



Loudong night market, which located at the center of Loudong Township, runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where you can taste all kinds of local specialty. The venue, Dongshan Riverside Park, is also a good place to wander or bike around.