Taipei Ultra-Marathon


Taipei Ultra-Marathon, a world famous 24H & 48H venue race,

attracts lots of international runners; in the meanwhile, nurtures many national record holders…

(2017 Female’s Award Ceremony)

Special Feature

As one of the best worldwide 24H & 48H game, Taipei Ultra-Marathon is well known for its varieties of individual race, including 6H, 12H, 24H and 48H. Moreover, the relay game (5H and 12H) also add another excitement to the race, even if in the middle of night.

In the game of 2017, it had an historical moment of 3 female national holders; from China, Japan and Taiwan, respectively, competing in the race.



Taipei Hsin-sheng Park. Near Taipei Songshan Airport. It will have planes fly above your head from time to time.



Venue race. An accurate figure of 668m per lap after estimate of international course measurer. Clean and smooth course makes a favorable impression on international runners.



The course is divided into inner and outer, two lanes. Short time division and relay competitors accompany 24H & 48H runners all the way to their own finish line.




Registration Fee

Early Bird Discount: 4,800 NTD

Early Bird Discount: 3,000 NTD

Normal Price:

5,500 NTD

Normal Price:

3,700 NTD


Done 100K / 12H race

    *For latest information, please refer to the website of Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners



In order to put the environmentally-friendly idea into practice, the organizer provides medals made from recycled computer monitors and other plastic part. To care about our Mother Earth while exercising and having fun.



MRT station within 20mins on foot. Near Songshan Airport, within 10mins by car. Extremely convenience for international runners.



Taipei 101, Ximending pedestrian shopping district, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall… are some famous and historical spots of Taipei city. The Hop on Hop off Bus Tour is another choice for foreign visitors.