Run Across Taiwan Ultra-Marathon


Run Across Taiwan Ultra-Marathon, second stage of Taiwan Ultra-Marathon θ project,

3-day race with the marvelous landscape of central Taiwan,

a daring and challenging 246K ultra-marathon race…

(Zhongbu Cross-island Highway Arch)

Special Feature

The modern Europe has Spartathlon as the greatest achievement of marathon world; the Formosa Taiwan has its own “Run Across Taiwan Ultra-Marathon” to win the reputation around the world.

The course traverses the island from the west to the east, through the scenic Zhongbu Cross-island Highway. Along the 246K route, you may experience the difference of geography, such as plain, high mountains, gorges and valleys. Runners will have to face the formidable weather conditions with the constant rapid altitude fluctuations.



Start at Taichung Harbor. Because of the open area, bad weather may cause strong wind and heavy rain, which usually give runners a great impact at the very beginning of the race.

Finish at Fushi Community Center, Hualien County. After finish the mountainous and tortuous route, the finish line lies about 1K from the arch. 



The competition is a one-way race, from Taichung Harbor to Hualien County. The route passes some tourist attractions: Puli County, Cingjin Farm, Wuling, to mention a few. The entire course is asphalt road, but the unstable weather condition often is the biggest obstacle of the game.



3 categories: 246K, 165K and 110K, which respectively starts at Taichung Harbor, Puli County and Cingjing Elementary School, and has the same finish place at Fushi Community Center, Hualien County. This race does not only draw Taiwan’s ultrarunners’ attention, but intrigue challengers all over the world.

Distance 246K 165K 110K
Registrantion Fee Early Bird Discount: 7,500 NTD

Normal Price: 10,000 NTD
Early Bird Discount: 5,000 NTD

Normal Price: 7,000 NTD
Early Bird Discount: 3,500 NTD

Normal Price: 5,000 NTD
Time Limit 44H 32H 21H

1.Complete any “Taiwan Ultra Marathon θ Project”

2. In 48H finish at least 240K

3. In 24H finish at least 150K

4. Finish 200K within 30H

5. Finish 160K within 24H

6. Finish 100K within 14H

7. Have done IRONMAN triathlon 140.6

1.Complete any “Taiwan Ultra Marathon θ Project”

2. In 48H finish at least 220K

3. In 24H finish at least 140K

4. Finish 100K within 14H

5. Finish 50K within 6H

6. Complete 5 marathon within 5H

7. Have done IRONMAN triathlon 70.3

1. Finish 100K within 14H

2. Finish 50K within 6H

3. Complete 5 marathon within 6H

4.Have done Standard Distance Triathlon

                        *For latest information, please refer to the website of Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners



In order to put the environmentally-friendly idea into practice, the organizer provides medals made from recycled computer monitors and other plastic part. To care about our Mother Earth while exercising and having fun.



Foreign runners may take HRS near Taoyuan International Airport to HRS Taichung station. For competitors of 165K or 110K, there is bus which you can transfer to either Puli County or to Cingjing.



Participants may visit the famous Gaomei Wetland Wildlife Refuge at Taichung, within 10 kilometers from the starting venue. Puli Brewery and Cingjing Farm are another two places to go. Not to mention the spectacular and unforgettable landscape throughout the route.

Early Bird Discount: 5,000 NTD