2016 Run Across Taiwan Ultramarathon Race Information




1.   This race is the second segment of the “Taiwan Ultra Marathon θ Project”.

2.   The minimum speed requirement is 6 kilometers per hour. The time limit will be based on the speed requirement. As safety is utmost important, there will be no extension of time limits.

3.   Each participant is a “ Goodwill Ambassador ”. Please invite friends and family

to donate two dollars per kilometer, and also help encourage you all the way to the finish line. Let’s help support ALS patients! (From the 2013Tour de Taiwan , to the 2015 Trans Taiwan raised up to a total of 3,127,166 NTD, in which the whole amount was donated directly to the Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association.



Seeing dawn from within the mountains 

He Huan Hiking Routes













 Taroko Gorge













Cross-Island Highway Tunnel



Changchun Temple Falls ( From a distance)




Changchun Temple Falls ( From closeby)



Race Objectives

1. Raise Taiwan’s status in the international ultra-running community, become further notable, spread our compassionate spirit, and actualize diplomacy.

2. Facilitate the improvement of national ultra-marathon multiple day race standards .

3. Promote the sport of ultrarunning throughout Taiwan. Organizer: Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners

Race Date: April 1st 2016 – April 3rd 2016


Race Categories : (1) 246 km ( 2) 164 km (3) 106 km