Letter To Runners

Dear Runners,

A belated Happy Chinese New Year to you all. Wish you good luck and good health in the Year of Horse!

The 2013 International Tour de Taiwan Ultra-Marathon set the record as the first international cross-island race held in Taiwan, and in addition, established a precedent of combining ultra-marathon with charity work. The ultra-runners together raised NT$1.63 million (approx. US$53,000) in donations for the Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association (TMNDA). At the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations Annual Alliance Meeting in Milan, Italy in December 2013, the representative from TMNDA gave a presentation on the last year's race and charitable efforts of the ultra-runners, which won praises all around and inspired the attendees from other countries to contact their local ultra-marathon organizers to win their support to people with ALS/MND. I wrote a solicitation letter to the ultra-marathon organizers that I know around the world, asking them to raise fund for their local ALS/MND organizations, like what we did in Taiwan. I believe that we together will make the difference with linking up the ultra-marathon race and charity work, and the ultra-runners will be recognized as not only having the robust body and strong willpower, but also a gentle heart with love.


Due to the degeneration of the motor neurons, people with ALS/MND gradually lose their ability to move. In the end, they can only lie in bed, stare at the ceiling and do not have the ability to even turn their heads, while their brains remain sharp and alert without being affected by the illness. They amuse themselves by calling themselves “the ceiling watcher”. If they want to go outdoors to enjoy the sunshine or get some fresh air, it would require a team consisting of their family members, medical professionals and volunteers to make it happen, which is not affordable by most of people with ALS/MND. As a result, they can only stare at the ceiling 365 days a year with an active mind locked inside. With our donation, TMNDA is able to organize a group of healthcare professionals to accompany people with ALS/MND out of the hospital, care center or their small living room to see the blue sky. We may take the blue and open sky above our head for granted, but for people with ALS/MND, it is so precious and hard to come by.


This year, let us continue to support the project, Help people with ALS/MND to See the Blue Sky. We sincerely ask you to make full use of all resources available and summon your friends and family to sponsor you with their pledges of NT$5 for every kilometer you cover. During the race, when your legs are heavy and feet weary, how about thinking of those who want to move but don't even have the strength to move their fingers. The power to love and your support to people with ALS/MND will be the most amazing inner strength to sustain you to run on. We hope that each of you can find at least five friends to support you and also people with ALS/MND.


Like what we did last year, please make the donation directly to the Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association, noting the name of the event “2014 Run Across Taiwan Ultra-Marathon” and your name. If a receipt is required for the donation, please also provide the names that receipts are to be issued to. TMNDA will make public all donations at the starting and the finish line. Please find the donation form below.




Frank Kuo

Race Director

Feb. 10, 2014



 “One Km Five Dollar, Help people with ALS/MND to See the Blue Sky”

2014 Run Across Taiwan Ultra-Marathon

Runner Name: 

Race Category: __Non-Stop  __3-Day  __1-Day  __50K

Name of Donor


Words of Encouragement




















Donation Methods:

1.        Post office remittance*

Account Name: Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association

Post Office Transfer Account Number: 19103794

2.        ATM transfer or bank remittance*

Bank Account Name: Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association

Bank Code: 8080163

Name of Bank: E. Sun Bank Tienmu Branch

Account Number: 0163-968-150366

3.        Cash donation

Giving the donation along with the above form directly to TMNDA at the registration desk on March 26, 2014.  


* To facilitate receipt issuing, after your remittance, please fax the above form and the remittance receipt to 02-2585-1302, and confirm with Ms. Huang at 02-2585-1367, ext. 114.