The cross-island race route covers the belly belt of the island of Taiwan.  The course begins at Taichung Harbor. Runners will run through Zhongbu Cross-island Highway and finally finish at Taroko, Hualien. The route is on fluctuant landform, starts with an elevation of 5 meters, then gradually peaks to 3,275 meters , later on drops back down to 40 meters at the finish line.



Elevation Map


    The first 80 kilometer starts from the west point of the island and ends at Pu-li township, the geographical center of the island. In the second stage, the participants will climb to Ho-huan Mountain . Runners will need to face the dropping harsh temperatures as the elevation dramatically escalates to 3,000 meters; however, runners will be awarded with the extraordinary mountain view of Taiwan.




    Runners will travel through the famous Taroko Ntional Park during the last 100 kilometers. This park features high mountains and sheer gorges. The various mountain peaks, numerous waterfalls, diverse geographical forms and wildlife, along with the rich phenomenon of the unique natural ecosystem created by the Taroko natives.

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