2015 Trans-Taiwan International Ultra-Marathon

Race Information

Fuguei Cape Lighthouse                                     Eluanbi Lighthouse
  • This race is the third segment of the “Taiwan Ultra Marathon θ Project”, also called Dual Lighthouse Race
  • The minimum speed requirement is 6 kilometers per hour. The time limit will be based on the speed requirement. As safety is utmost important, there will be no extension of time limits.
  • Each participant is a “ Goodwill Ambassador ”. Please invite friends and family to donate two dollars per kilometer, and also help encourage you all the way to the finish line. Let’s help support ALS patients! (2013Tour de Taiwan raised a total of 1,630 thousand NTD; 2014Run Across Taiwan raised up to 900 thousand NTD, in which the whole amount was donated directly to the Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association.


Race Objectives

1. Raise Taiwan’s status in the international ultra-running community, become further notable, spread our compassionate spirit, and actualize diplomacy.

2. Facilitate the improvement of national ultra-marathon multiple day race standards .

3. Promote the sport of ultrarunning throughout Taiwan.


Advisor: Taipei City Government, Department of Sports


Organizer: Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners


Sponsors and Partners: Chunghwa Telecom, Kerry TJ Logistics, Shaper MAN


Race Date: March 28th, 2015 – April 4th 2015

8 Day Race: 545km

      Race Date

March 28th 2015 – April 4th 2015

Course Route

Day 1 : Fugui Cape Lighthouse » Guanyin Township, Taoyuan County (69 km)


Day 2 : Guanyin Township, Taoyuan County » Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County(87 km)

Day 3 : Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County » Fangyuan Township, Changhua County (75.5 km)


Day 4 : Fangyuan Township, Changhua County » Dongshi Township, Chiayi County (64km )


Day 5: Dongshi Township, Chiayi County » Tainan Confucian Temple (60 km)


Day 6: Tainan Confucian Temple » National Nei-Pu Senior Agricultural-Industrial Vocational High School, Pingtung County(72K)


Day 7 : National Nei-Pu Senior Agricultural-Industrial Vocational High School, Pingtung County » Fangshan Recreational Area (60 km)


Day 8 : Fangshan Recreational Area » Eluanbi Lighthouse (53.5 km)


Total : 543km

Entry Limit 
100 people
Registration Fee (750 Euros include)

1. Reflective race vest, Shaper MAN calf sleeve, race number belt.

2. Chinese/ English Race Certificate, ( One for each stage, and one for the whole race) and commemorable T-shirt.

3. Lodging from March 27th , the day before the race, to April 4th. Each participant will occupy a single bed. Insurance will also be provided. There will be a dinner party on the last day of the race.

4.Breakfast and dinner will be provided each day.

5. On the first and last day, transportation to the hotel will be provided.


Tracker Deposit

A separate payment for a deposit of 80 Euros for a tracker will be refunded after the race


Total Time Limit

91 hr (3:00 pm, April 4th )



All participants must check-in the day before the race at the provided hotel.( March27th 18:00-19:00, Race Information Meeting and and information packages will be given out starting at 19:00)

Aid Stations and Personal Belongings

  • Aid Stations

There will be an aid station every 8-10 kilometers. Participants must supply their own water bottle. The organizer will not be providing water cups. At every station at the 40-50 kilometer point each day, hot food will be prepared.

  • Personal Belongings                                                                    

A.   Storage of Personal Belongings at the Finishing Goal: The organizers will deliveryour personal belongings to the finishing goal of each day. Please checkin your personal belongings at least 20 minutes before starting out each day, and retrieve your personal belongings after finishing each day within one hour. We are not responsible for storage after the one hour.

B.   Storage of Personal Belongings During the Race: If you would like to have personal belongings delivered to the halfway point of each day, please check-in at least 20 minutes before the race starts each day.


Time Limit Checkpoints


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 6


     50 km

     50 km

     50 km     

     50 km

     50 km

Time Limit

     8.5 hr


     8.5 hr


     8.5 hr


     8.5 hr


     8.5 hr



There will be no checkpoints for day 5, 7 and 8. 

Runners who do not finish a stage will still be able to retrieve his or her finishing certificate for that day


Awards and Prizes

  • All participants will receive a finishing prize, and a finishing certificate. The top five men and women will receive awards.
  • All participants who complete a stage will receive a finishing certificate for that particular stage.





Public Accident Insurance Important Notes

  • Please listen to your body, and have a full sleep the day before the race. And eat within three hours before the race. The organizers will provide medical assistance throughout the race, however accidents due to personal illnesses is not included. Public Incident Insurance will cover injuries that occur as a result of an accident. All participants are provided with NT$3,000,000 public incident insurance. (All details will be according to the insurance contract of the insurance company.)
  • Public incident insurance coverage: if the insured person has the following accidents during the period of insurance and causes bodily injury, death, or property damage to a third person due to accidents and must pay compensations according to law, when claims are made.
  •  The insurance company will bear the responsibility of compensation for the insured in the following cases:
  1. Accidents that occur to the insured or those employed by the insured due to business conduct during the period of insurance specified by the policy.
  2. Accidents that occur at the business buildings, roads, machinery, or other work related items of the insured
  • Special exclusions:
  1. Personal illnesses that cause sport injuries.
  2. Symptoms as a result of personal health or cardiovascular symptoms, such as shock, heart disease, diabetes, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, high altitude syndrome, epilepsy, or dehydration, etc.



  • Participants who commit the violations listed below will be disqualified and their results will not be counted.
  1. Not wearing the bib provided by the organizers for this specific event.
  2. Not respecting the guidelines of this race or the directions of the referee, such participants will be disqualified.
  3. Not correctly wearing the bib on the chest area.
  4. Not wearing a reflective vest.
  • Participants who commit the violations listed below will be disqualified.
  1. Illegally receiving the aid of another party ( such as drinks, food, etc.)
  2. The participant’s qualifications do not match with the race qualifications.
  3. Violating the spirit of fairy play and sportsmanship (fighting, shouting or insulting the referees, etc.)
  4. Altering or changing the bib and/or registration form in which the altered information is false.
  5. The participant accepting the help of a pacer( whether the pacer is on foot, by car, or bicycle etc. )


  • Protests: Runners may not directly question a referee during the race, but may file a protest. If the referee’s decision complies with the Track and Field Regulations, runners may not file a protest.
  • Entry Qualifications:If there are any participants who do not qualify for the race, the appeal must be brought during the technical meeting. Appeals will not be accepted after the technical meeting.
  • Appeal Procedure:Problems that occur during the race must be brought to the race organizers within 30 minutes after finishing that day’s stage. In addition, a deposit with a total of $2,000 NTD will be taken. All appeals decided by the referee committee will be final. If the appeal is not granted, the deposit will be confiscated. If the appeal is successful, the deposit will be immediately returned. ( for further information please refer to Article 30 & 31.)

Important Notes

  • Throughout the race, participants may be photographed or taped. The event officials reserve the right to authorize these photos, videos, and also records to be viewed by the public through a variety of media, including, but not limited to websites, television, radio and print. Participants must give permission to the organizers for all the above actions.
  • Personal Belongings:Storage of Personal Belongings will be provided during check-in every day and may be picked up with a number clothe after the race. Please do not check in valuable personal belongings, the Organizer shall not be responsible for the loss of any personal items.
  • Event officials or medical personnel have the right to examine any participant who appears to be in distress and may remove the participant from the race if it is in the best interest of the participant’s health and welfare.
  • Participants should have a document of identification with them for verification purposes.
  • All participants who have earned an award should provide a printed copy of a form of identification before receiving the award for verification purposes.
  • Participants may make revisions to their registration form within five days after registration ends. ( the name stated on the registration form may not be altered). Any mistakes found five days after the end of registration cannot be modified, and the participant will be disqualified.
  • Event officials reserve the right to modify, supplement or waive all or part of the event rules. ( Please check frequently if there are any new announcements at http://www.ctau.org.tw)

Race Organizer

Website: http://www.ctau.org.tw

Telephone : +886-2-2383-2646 

E-mail : ctau.runner@gmail.com

( scanned copy of qualification record please send to : isotta.ctau@gmail.com )

Address: 2F. -7, No. 91, Sec. 2, Changsha St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

About the Taiwan Ultramarathon Foundation

  • 25 NTD from the entry fee of every applicant will be given to the Taiwan Ultra Marathon Foundation to encourage our ultramarathon runners.

 The sport of ultrarunning is joy of our runners in Taiwan. However, because it is not an Asian Olympic Event, government officials have gathered our citizens together to create the Taiwan Ultra Marathon Foundation to enhance our participation in international races and encourage achieving outstanding records. The foundation aspires to advance ultra marathon standards in Taiwan and motivate our runners to challenge themselves and become achieve glory for our country.



2015 Trans Taiwan International Ultra Marathon Race (comprehensive information and guidelines)

Article 1  Race Organizer

Trans Taiwan International Ultra Marathon is organized by the Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners. The name and logo of the race been registered.


Article 2  Nature of the Race

This is a race that encompasses a course from the northern tip of Taiwan to the Southern tip of Taiwan. It covers a total of 545 kilometers, from March 28th 2015 to April 4th 2015. The race distance every day is around 53 to 78 kilometers. Participants must run of the designated route. The referees will expect fair play from all competitors


Article 3  Entry Qualifications

Participants must be 20 years of age or older, in good health, and have had previous ultramarathon experience. Each participant will be required to take a health examination before the race to ensure he or she will be able to take part in the race.


Article 4  Application and Acceptance

Applicants who qualify must apply and complete payment online by January 15th 2015. The organizer reserves the right to reject any application without further explanation.


Article 5  Categories

Men and women. No age groups.


Article 6  Changes to the Race

Due to any external or environmental factors, the organizers have the right to change the :

a. race route

b. starting time, starting and finishing location, and time limit

c. location of aid stations


Article 7  Race Number and Reflective Vest

Each participant must wear the reflective vest and bib provided by the organizers during all times in the race. The bib must be worn on the front and back. Any participant who violate these requirements will be given a yellow card as a warning.


Article 8  Starting Order

All runners will start at the same time every day.


Article 9  Time Limit

The time limit for each stage will be set in accordance to the distance, weather conditions, and terrain of the stage. The organizers will announce the time limit each day.


Article 10  Yellow and Red Cards

A yellow card serves as a warning. Anyone with a total of three yellow cards will be disqualified. A serious violation will result in a red card. Anyone with two red cards will be disqualified.

Yellow cards will be issued to any participant who violate any of the following rules:

a. Runners must wear the reflective vest and number tag during the race.

b. The number tag must be worn on the front and bag.

c. Runners may not illegally accept assistance from other parties. ( Article 11, 20)

d. Runner may not accept a pacer’s help ( Article 21)

e. Runners may not obstruct other runners out of negligence.

f. Runners must wear a race shirt or long sleeve underneath the reflective vest.


Red cards will be issued to any participant who violate any of the following rules:

a.Not following the course route

b. Violating the spirit of fair play

c. Does not change his or her conduct after the referee has issued a yellow card.

d. Runners may not intentionally obstruct other runners.



Article 11  Aid Stations

There will be aid stations every 10 kilometers. All-in-one energy drinks, rice balls, bread, and fruits will be provided at the aid stations. A runner may purchase other needed supplies at his or her own expense along the rout. ( using an i-cash card is recommended) A draw bag service will be provided during the race every day. Before starting the race each day, runners may pack a change of clothes into a draw bag. The organizers will send the draw bags to the halfway point of the race each day. If any runner is to leave the race course to rest or to purchase any supplies, he or she must return to the spot he or she left from to continue the race or a red card will be issued.


Article 12  Checkpoints

Every aid station also serves as a check point. Runners must show their number tag to the referee at each aid station for recording. If a runner does not pass the checkpoint, the GPS tracker will stop tracking and he or she will be disqualified.


Article 13  Finishing Goal

The organizer will announce the result each day after the time limit is over or 60 minutes after the last runner has passed the finishing line.


Article 14  Lodging

The organizer will provide lodging. Two runners will occupy one room, each a single bed. However, lodging options may be subject to change. If a participant is unsatisfied with the lodging, he or she may provide his or her own accommodations, but there will be no refunds.


Article 15  Race Clothing and Laundry

All runners must wear a race shirt or long sleeve shirt underneath the reflective vest at all times during the race. Participants are responsible for their own laundry.


Article 16  Internet and Phone Calls

Most hotels offer free internet service. Participants may bring their own cellphone or tablets. If participants wish to make phone calls at the hotels, the phone bill will be deducted from his or her reserve.


Article 17  Reserve

Participants must pay a reserve of 80 Euros ( $3200 NTD) separate from the entry fee as a reserve. If there were not deductions to the reserve, the whole amount will be refunded after the race.


Article 18  Equipment and Luggage

1. The course is held mostly on paved road. It is recommended that participants prepare a few pairs of shoes a size larger, at least three short or long sleeve race shirts, and a headlight or some sort of light source.

2. Each participant may not have more than two pieces of luggage. The total weight of the two luggages must not over 20kg. For every 5 kg of overweight luggage, a fee of 500 NTD will be charged.


Article 19  Medical

1. At all time during the race, there will be an EMT car. If there are any emergencies, please contact the EMT cars. Participants must supply their own preventive medial items such as heating or cooling pads, Vaseline, heating rub etc.

2. In addition to the EMT cars, there will be a medical station at the halfway point each day.

3. Local EMTs may also be utilized.


Article 20  Personal Aid Station

Volunteers may only provide assistance to the runners within the area of the personal aid station. Providing assistance outside of the area will result in a violation and a yellow card will be issued. Every runner may have one personal volunteer who must wear the volunteer vest provided by the organizer. Any runner whose personal volunteer does not wear the vest will receive a yellow card. ( unplanned assistance such as friendly citizens providing water etc. will be allowed). If personal volunteers need lodging, it will be provided with a fee of $1,600 NTD every day.


Article 21  Pacing

Any person who progresses more than 30 meters with the runners by the means of either a car, motorcycle, bike, skateboard, rollerblade etc. will be deemed as pacing. Any participant who violates this rule will receive a red card.


Article 22  Refunds

There are two types of refund. If the participant voluntarily withdraw from the race or is disqualified. Regardless of which type the participant falls in, refunds will not be provided, and results will also not be recorded. A runner may still continue the course after withdrawing from the race, but he or she is responsible for his or her transportation if the organizer does not have enough cars.


Article 23  Tracker

A GPS tracker phone will be distributed to each participant. All runners must have the tracker with them at all times during the race. If the tracker is lost, a fee of 80 Euros ( $3200 NTD) will be deducted from the participant’s reserve. With the tracker, the race organizers will be able to follow the runner’s time and location.


Article 24  Route Marking

Signs will be posted at turns ( sign specifics will be explained prior to the race). If thereare no signs on either side of the intersections, please continue straight.


Article 25  Traffic Regulations of Taiwan

Participants must follow traffic regulations in Taiwan. Cars in Taiwan drive on the right side of the road. Runners may choose to run on the left or right side of the road, however please refrain from unnecessarily crossing roads as it is most dangerous. Please be careful.


Article 26  Technical Meeting

There will be a technical meeting every night at 19:00. Participation is mandatory. The meeting will comprise of important information for the next day and any changes in the race. If a runner is not able to participate, he or she may have a substitute. If any problems occur as consequence of not having attended the technical meeting the night before, the runner must take full responsibility.


Article 27  Cancellation and Refunds

Entries can be cancelled with a 50 % refund before December 15th 2013. Entries can be cancelled with a 30 % refund before December 31st.  Under no circumstances will any amount of refund be made after January 15th 2015.


Article 28  Disqualification

A participant will be disqualified if he or she meets any of the following disqualifications

1. Has failed to finish the stage within the time limit.

2. Has intentionally taken a short cut.

3. Has progressed by not walking or running ( such as using motorcycles, bikes, skateboards, rollerblades etc.)

4. Has abused other participants, staff, or the referee.

5. Has failed to follow the instructions of the police, referees or staff.

6. Has received 3 yellow cards or 2 red cards.


Article 29  Protests

A competitor may file a protest against the conduct of a competitor, a race official, or the conditions of the race. The protest must be brought within 30 minutes after crossing the finish line and will accompany a fee of 5o Euros ( $2000 NTD). A protest must be backed up by sufficient proof such as photos, videos, witnesses, material evidence etc., or it will not be accepted. After the protest has been reported to the head referee, an investigation will be carried out, and a decision will be announced afterwards.


Article 30  Appeal

If a participant is unsatisfied with a decision of a referee, he or she may call for an appeal. Appeals must be made within 30 minutes after crossing the finish line, and a will be accompanied by a fee of 50 Euros ($2000 NTD).


Article 31  Referee Committee

The referee committee comprises of an international social justice professional, head referee, race director, and the executive directors. They are responsible for ensuring the rules are followed and hearing violation and appeal cases during the race. The hearing process is not public, but may include the parties involved in the case. The majority rule will be applied in all cases.


Article 32  Doping

Doping control may be imposed. A participant who fails to comply or fails a doping test will forfeit all awards and certificates. Their performance will be deleted from the official records.


Article 33  Official Language

The official languages of this event are English and Mandarin.


2015 Trans Taiwan.pdf (1 014,8 kB)

2015 Trans Taiwan Entryform