Race Info

Organizer               Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners

Race director         Frank Kuo (frank.kuo.run@gmail.com),

     Member of IAU Technique Committee

Race date               End of March / Beginning of April 2016, to be decided

Race start/finish    Starts from Taipei, clockwise route, Asphalt surface, passing by almost

                                every county on the island, back to the starting point at Soochow University.

Race route             Asphalt, 1100 Kilometers, 14 stages, average 75 kilometers a day

Categories             Men & women

Award                     Every finisher will be awarded a trophy and the top 10 will be awarded place


Entry fee                800€, including 13 days’ lodging, two meals each day and the support

                               of aid stations along the route. Each participant must submit another 200

                               in advance as a reserve against phone and other miscellaneous expenses.

                               The deposit will be refunded after the race.



Rules & Regulations

Article I : Race Organizer:

The International run across Taiwan Ultra-Marathon is organized by the Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners. The name and logo of the race have been registered.


Article II Nature of the Race:


This is stage race with 14 stages. It covers 1100 kilometers. The participants must follow the designated route. The participants and referees will expect fair play from all competitors.


Article III Qualifications to Race

Participants must be 20 years of age or older. Each must provide a health screen report to the medical team before he or she is accepted to race.


Article IV Application and acceptance


The applicant should send in the entry form and entry fee before the specified date. The entry fee can be paid by credit card online at http://bao-ming.com/ITTU. The organizer reserves the right to reject any application without further explanation.


Article V Categories

Men and women. No age groups.


Article VI Changes in the Race Program


The organizer reserves the right to change the:

A. race route

B. starting time, start and finish location and time limit of a stage

C. locations of aid stations to cope with the environment or other issues


Article VII Bib Number and Reflective Vest


Each participant must wear the reflective vest provided during the check-in procedure at all times while racing. Each participant will also be given a bib with two number tags which should be displayed on the front and back while racing. Any participant who violates these requirements will be shown a yellow card as a warning.


Article VIII Starting Order


The participants will start in three start batches on each stage except on the first day. The first batch will start at 6AM and contain the slower runners. The 6:30 batch will contain the faster runners. The third batch starting at 7AM will be composed of the one-stage, two-stage and three-stage runners. The exact start times and batch lists will be announced each evening for the next day’s racing. All competitors must start in their assigned batch each day.


Article IX Time Limit


The time limit for each stage will be based on each stage’s length and the 6 kilometers per hour basic requirement adjusted to the terrain and the weather. The exact time limit for each stage will be announced the prior evening. Any participant who fails to finish within the time limit three times during the 14 stages will be disqualified.


Article X Yellow and Red Cards


A. A yellow card will be issued as a warning to a participant who violates any of the following rules.

     a. Runners must wear the reflective vest and number tag during the race.

    b. Runners may not accept aid or assistance in any form from anyone besides the aid stations

    c. Runners may not accept a pacer’s help.

    d. Runners may not intentionally obstruct other runners.

B. A red card will be issued to a participant in the following situations.

    a. Not following the race route.

    b. Violating the spirit of fair play.

    c. Does not change his or her conduct after the referee has issued a yellow card.

    d. Obstructs other runners intentionally.


Article XI Aid Stations


A. Aid stations will be provided approximately every 10-15 kilometers. The sponsor, 7-11 stores, will provide water, sports drink, bread, rice, and Coca-Cola on a table in front of the store. A runner can also patronize the store at his own expense if he or she needs other supplies.
B. If there is too much distance between two 7-11 stores, aid stations will be setup.
C. A draw bag service will be provided at an aid station near the mid-point of each stage. The participants can submit their draw bags before each day’s start.
D. If a participant needs to leave the race route for any reason, he must resume running at a point behind the point where he left. Failure to do so will incur a red card.


Article XII Checkpoints


Every aid station will be a check point. Each participant needs to show his bib number tag to the referee at each checkpoint for recording.


Article XIII Results


The organizer will announce each stage's results and the overall ranking sixty minutes after the time limit.


Article XIV Lodging


The organizer will provide lodging for 13 nights. Generally, two runners will occupy one room, but this may vary. Any participant unsatisfied may provide his/her own accomodations, but there will be no refunds.


Article XV Communications


Some of the accommodation will provide free internet service, but the runner must bring his own device to access the internet. Participants will be responsible for their own phone bills.


Article XVI Luggage


Each participant will be allowed no more than three bags. Each bag cannot weigh over 30 kilograms There will be a charge of 20 euros for every additional 5 kilograms.


Article XVII Medical


One medical car will follow the race daily. Participants must supply their own preventive medical items such as heating or cooling pads, Vaseline, heating rub, etc.


Article XVIII Volunteers


Volunteers can provide assistance only at the aid stations. If a runner accepts assistance from anyone other than a volunteer at an aid station, he/she will receive a yellow card as a warning. Volunteers must wear special badges while working.


Article XIX Pacing

A runner can be accompanied by a friend on foot from the second-last aid station of each stage to the finish of the stage. Other than this, no pacing or accompanying is allowed. A participant whose supporters fail to follow this rule will be issued a red card. Accompanying a runner with a car, motorcycle, bicycle, roller skating or similar for more than 30 meters will be deemed to be pacing.


Article XX Withdrawal and Disqualification


A participant may drop out of the competition voluntarily, or may be disqualified. In either case there will be no refund at any stage of the race. He/she can follow the rest of the race but must provide his/her own transportation.


Article XXI Tracking


Each runner will be provided  a small phone with GPS capability. He/she must carry it at all times while racing. If the tracker is lost, a fee of 100 euros will be deducted from the participant's reserve. Referees and friends will be able to visit a web site and download the application which shows the runner’s current location and speed during the race.


Article XXII Route Marking


The event logo and arrows will be marked on the ground in white paint at intersections where there is a change of direction. About 10 meters after the intersection there will be another event logo painted on the ground to confirm the route. There will be a sticker posted on a utility pole, fence, or tree every kilometer.


Article XXIII Traffic Rules in Taiwan


In Taiwan, drivers drive on the right side of the road. A participant may choose to run on either side of the road. However, participants should be careful to observe traffic lights and follow any police instructions. Please take extra care when crossing roads.


Article XXIV Race Meetings


If necessary, there will be a mandatory race meeting at 8pm every day. Every runner must be present at each meeting. A runner who does not attend must take full responsibility if there may be any misunderstandings later on.


Article XXV Cancellation and Refunds


Entries can be cancelled with 50% refund of the entry fee and almost full refund of the reserve until the specified date. Between the specified dates, cancellation forfeits two-thirds of the entry fee. No refund of the entry fee will be made for any reason after the specified date. The bank charges for remitting the refund will in each case be deducted from the reserve.


Article XXVI Disqualification


A participant will be disqualified if he or she meets any of the following qualifications.


   a. Has failed to finish one stage within the time limit

   b. Has taken short cut

    c. Has not progressed by either running or walking

    d. Has abused other participants, spectators, referees or the staff

    e. Has failed to follow the instructions of the police, the referees, or other staff.

    f. Has received five yellow cards  or 2 red cards


Article XXVII Protests


A competitor may file a protest against the conduct of a competitor, a race official, or the conditions of the competition. It should be filed with a referee, provided that the protest has not been previously observed by the officials and ruled upon by the referee. Protest forms may be obtained from the referees. In each case it is preferable to discuss the matter with the referees first and try to resolve the matter by reference to the rules. If a participant still wants to protest, it must be done within 30 minutes after the finish of the stage, and a deposit of 50 euros must accompany the protest. It will be refunded if the protest is successful. Accusations about another participant’s behavior must be supported by hard evidence such as a witness or photos for a protest to be successful. After the chief referee has accepted a protest, he will investigate and discuss the case with the Jury of Appeal, which will make a decision which cannot be appealed further.


Article XXVIII Appeal


An appeal is a request for a review of a decision made by a referee. A competitor should first discuss the matter with the referee and try to resolve the dispute by reference to the rules. If still unsatisfied, a competitor may appeal the decision to the Jury of Appeal. Each appeal must be accompanied by a fee of 50 euros which will be refunded only if the appeal is successful. The competitor or his/her representative must file any appeal no later than thirty minutes after his or her finishing time


Article XXIV The Jury of Appeal


The jury will comprise the race director, executive directors and the chief referee. Its meetings will be held privately and its decisions will be taken by majority vote.


Article XXX Doping


Doping control may be imposed. A participant who fails to comply or fails a doping test will forfeit all trophies and certificates. Their performance will be deleted from the official results.


Article XXXI Official language


The official languages of this event are English and Mandarin.


Download PDF: 2016 Tour de Taiwan Information Packet