• Goal:

    MND(Motor Neuron Disease)is a kind of chronic disease, causing shrinking motoneuron and dysfunction in muscles. Patients suffer from inflexibility in limbs, and even sometimes have trouble breathing, but still with stable consciousness and the sense of touch, which poses more suffering both physically and mentally than any other disease.

    The patients are fighting against an unpredictable disease, with their limbs gradually stiffening, while we are taking running for granted; the patients must use every bit of their strength just to move one finger, while we proceed with one step after another so easily. Not only do patients suffering from such disease spare no effort of fighting against it courageously but so do all the participants of the race forge ahead with perseverance and string will.

    We look forward to every racer’s being a “Charity Ambassador” to practically carry out support for all racers and patients, calling for everyone’s devotion with one dollar for each kilometer accomplished to encourage and participants in the race all patients never to give up.

  • Target:
    Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association (TMNDA)


1.Donate and register through our webpage for charity: Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association (TMNDA) 

2.Direct donation link here