CTAU has organized many races since 1998. Our events range from short distance races to ultra marathons. Below are a list of our races.


Taiwan Ultra Marathon Theta Project

    This project comprises of three marathons. The International Tour de Taiwan, Run Across Taiwan, and Trans-Taiwan Ultra Marathon are one of the most challenging and biggest races organized by the CTAU. It is a series of three separate races in which one is held each year from the end of March to the beginning of April, respectively. We hope to achieve our target of completing a round every three years.

International Tour de Taiwan Ultra Marathon

    This ultra marathon began in 2013 as the first of the three races. It is a 14 day race with a unique course that will allow runners to enjoy the exclusive local and cultural wonders of Taiwan. The 1100km course encompasses a route that follows along with our coastlines, all on local roads. Once runners finish, they will have literally traveled around the entire island with their own feet.


Run Across Taiwan Ultra Marathon

    As the second of the three biggest ultra marathons organized so far by CTAU, the first Run Across Taiwan Ultra Marathon was held in 2014. The 3 day course traverses the island, from west to east, through the scenic Zhongbu Cross-island Highway. Along the 246 km route, you can see close up the marveling landscapes of central Taiwan. Runners up to the challenge will have to face formidable weather conditions along with constant rapid altitude fluctuations.


Trans-Taiwan Ultra Marathon

    The very first ever Trans-Taiwan Ultra Marathon is scheduled to be held on 3/28-4/4. It is a ten day 600 km race that will take runners from the Fugui Cape Lighthouse which marks the most northern tip of Taiwan, all the way to the Eluanbi Lighthouse in the most most southern tip of the island.

Annual Races

Flex Power 50/100km Ultra Marathon Championships
Taipei Ultra Marathon Festival
Yilan Marathon Festival
Taipei Yangminshan Cross Country Marathon
Kauhsiung 12 Hour Marathon

Registration for Races

    The entry procedures for the Theta Project ultra marathons are included in the registration tab under each of the races. If you have any questionsor concerns, or are interested in entering in any upcoming races with no direct link for registration on the upcoming races page, please contact our Deputy Director Frank Kuo at frank.kuo.run@gmail.com for further information. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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