Kaohsiung Ultra-Marathon


Kaohsiung Ultra-Marathon, first and the only 24H race in southern Taiwan, from 2013 to 2015, underwent growth and revolution, two times honored with the exclusive IAU Silver Label. The game in 2016 is also the IAU Asia & Oceanic Championship.

(Landmark of National Stadium)

Special Feature

Has the reputation of one and the only 24H race in southern Taiwan. It owns many different relay games more than just having the individual games like 24H, 12H and 6H. The race in 2016 is at the same time the first IAU Asia & Oceanic Championship, which draw the attention of many expert runners from Asia and Oceanic.



National Stadium, Kaohsiung. Good public transport. Near MRT National Sports Complex Station.



Venue race. An accurate figure of 1,750m per lap estimated by international course measurer. Plain and broad route surrounded the National Stadium with parts of area covered with green trees and pounds.



The race contains a variety of division, for instance, 24H, 12H, 6H and different groups of relay game. The confortable and unencumbered course appeals to runners from China, Hong Kong and Japan to compete. Short time division and relay competitors accompany 24H runners at all time, running around the stadium.

Distance 24H 12H 6H
Registrantion Fee Early Bird Discount: 3,000 NTD

Normal Price: 4,000 NTD
Early Bird Discount: 2,000 NTD

Normal Price: 3,000 NTD
Early Bird Discount: 1,000 NTD

Normal Price: 2,000 NTD

Done 100K / 12H race

Done Marathon / five 6H race

Done Marathon / one 6H race

*For latest information, please refer to the website of Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners



MRT station within 10mins on foot. Foreign competitors may arrive even by plane at Kaohsiung International Airport or by HSR at Zuoying Station, and then transfer for MRT to the venue. Extremely convenience for international runners.



85 Sky Tower, Shinkuchan shopping district, Sanduo shopping district, Central Park, Kaohsiung Arena, the Love River… are some famous tourist spots of Kaohsiung city. The Hop on Hop off Bus Tour is another choice for foreign visitors.